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Assistant Property Manager

Washington, District of Columbia 20015, United States

Purpose: The Assistant Property Manager assists and supports the Property Manager with the implementation of the designated budget and management plan to accomplish the following goals: control of all accounts receivable/payable, maintenance of a clean, well-maintained community, and accurate and prompt completion of reports.

Authority Level:
The Assistant Property Manager is supervised by the Property Manager and Regional Property Manager. When these supervisory positions are not present during any normal period of operations, then the general functions of the community become the responsibility of the Assistant Property Manager. Individuals reporting to the Assistant, during the Property Manager's absence, would be:

  • Rental Office/Business Office Personnel
  • Maintenance Supervisor and Maintenance Personnel
  • Any other individuals assigned to the community on a part-time or temporary basis
  • Contractors

Physical Requirements:
The Assistant Property Managers must be able to ascend or descend multiple flights of stairs and inspect locations where sidewalks or walkways are not provided.

General Responsibilities

This position supports and assists the Property Manager; therefore, many of the duties outlined will be the same.

1) Maximize apartment occupancy level while minimizing delinquency and bad debt balances of rental payments for 73 units.

2) Maintain satisfactory physical appearance of community buildings, grounds and public areas.

3) Promote sound and positive relations with residents.

4) Promote fair-housing standards and equal housing opportunity for applicants and residents, as well as equal employment opportunities for employers.

5) Maintain apartment occupancy standards and enforce lease provisions, property rules and regulations.

6) Ensure timely and efficient level of service to all residents.

7) Eliminate safety hazards to residents, public and employees in the workplace; promptly report hazards to Property Manager.

8) Assist with supervision and evaluation of all work performed by contractors.

9) Maintain confidentiality of all resident, property, and employee information.

10) Maintain communications with residents, employees, Regional Property Manager, vendors, owners, other officials and the Main Office concerning management and community-related issues.

Specific Responsibilities

Some of the Property Manager's responsibilities will be assigned to the Assistant. These will become primary duties of the Assistant. The Assistant Property Manager may also be accountable for the following functions in the areas of community appearance, cash flow management and administration.

1) Perform building and public area inspections.

2) Assist in apartment turnover process and follow-up inspections.

3) Upon move-in, accompany new residents for inspection of apartment and completion of move-in checklist.

4) Assist in maintaining accuracy of rent resident information and balances.

5) Prepare bank deposits and maintain all procedures relating to cash management.

6) Assist with collection of late rental payments and initiate eviction process when required.

7) Participation in occasional court appearances as a witness for the community, i.e., confirmation of lease requirements, outstanding rent balances, or testimony to defend claims against the community may be requested.

8) Attend scheduled Property Manager Meetings when manager is unable to attend.

9) Prepare lease application documents for review by the Property Manager and/or the Regional Property Manager.

10) Greet/receive telephone and walk-in traffic interested in becoming residents of the community.

11) Assist with recording traffic information on daily logs. Perform Follow-up procedures for qualifying prospects and participate in programs for waiting lists, callbacks and market surveys.

12) Assist Property Manager with preparation of reports relative to traffic, rentals, collections, apartment availability, etc.

13) Service residents' needs as they relate to apartment work orders or inquiries about policies and coordinate these communications to Property Manager.

14) Confirm all buildings, grounds, parking lots, walkways, employee workplaces and

public areas are in a safe condition and comply with state and local property standards. This includes requirements from insurance carriers and fire marshal.

15) Assist as needed during community emergency situations (example: snow, fire, flood, natural or man-made disasters).

16) Attend seminars, classes, or community staff meetings for policy updates, reviews, or instructions for equipment use and conforming to changes in government regulations.

17) Immediately report hazards and safety concerns to the Regional Property Manager.

This position will require weekend hours and additional hours Monday-Friday, as needed.

Required Experience/Skills

0-3 years experience with multi-family housing, apartment leasing, apartment maintenance, employee supervision, landlord-resident relations; knowledge of appropriate and effective conduct during emergency situations; demonstrated and developed organizational and administrative abilities; efficient communication skills toward public, residents, employees, state and local authorities, and upper levels of management; and knowledge of accounts payable and receivable functions essential. Note: These characteristics are not in any specific order of importance, and all functions of this position may not be included. Some candidates for this position may not possess all of the above-mentioned qualifications and will be considered for employment on an individual basis.

Note: These characteristics are not in any specific order of importance, and all functions of this position may not be included. Some candidates for this position may not possess all of the above mentioned qualifications and will be considered for employment based on previous background and experience.

Required Education

High School Diploma with some college level courses. Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, preferred. Experience will be considered in lieu of college degree.

This job description does not list all the duties of the job. You may be asked by supervisors or managers to perform other functions and duties. You will be evaluated in part based upon your performance of the tasks listed in this job description.

Management has the right to revise this job description at any time. This job description is not a contract for employment, and either you or the employer may terminate employment at any time, for any reasons.

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